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Fly Ash

We supply FLY ASH compliant with various international codes of practice, such as ASTM C 618, EN 450, BS 3892 Part 1 and IS 3812 Grade 1.
Our FLY ASH is sourced from modern coal-fired thermal power plants in India, which have single-source and consistently best quality coal procurement systems. Moreover, the in-built classification system in the power plant enables extraction of a specific fineness consistently.

About Fly Ash :
Chemically, fly ash is a pozzolan. When mixed with lime (calcium hydroxide), pozzolans combine to form cementitious compounds. Concrete containing fly ash becomes stronger, more durable, and more resistant to chemical attack. Further, fly ash particles are hard and round, which has a ‘ball bearing’ effect that allows concrete to be produced using less water. Both characteristics contribute to enhanced concrete workability and durability.

Benefits :
Fly ash use creates significant benefits for our environment. Fly ash use conserves natural resources and avoids landfill disposal of ash products. Further, by making concrete more durable, life cycle costs of roads and structures are reduced. Fly ash use partially displaces production of other concrete ingredients like cement, aggregates, etc. resulting in significant energy savings and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Packaging :
Since packaging plays an important role in supply of FLY ASH, we use the best quality jumbo bags. Available in 1.1-1.4 MT jumbo bags, with liner.

Major Applications :

  • Ready Mix and Precast applications
  • Marine Environment Concretes
  • Mass concrete sections
  • Chloride and Sulphate bearing environments
  • For use with alkali-reactive aggregates
  • Water retaining structures
  • Self Compacting Concrete (SCC)
  • Tunneling concretes

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