Bottom Pouring Sets

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Bottom Pouring Sets

Bottom Pouring Sets / Refractory B P Sets are shapes made from different fractions of refractory grog, plastic fire clays and non-plastic clays. The different fractions of these raw materials are mixed and pugged for fully homogeneous mixing. The mixture obtained hence, is then pressed in high capacity presses to give the desired shape and size. These pressed shapes are fired in tunnel kiln at high temperatures. The bottom pouring shapes are generally made in two qualities; 30% alumina and 40% alumina. We can also make bottom pouring sets with higher alumina content as required by the client. Our bottom pouring sets are widely used in various oil refineries, petrochemical plants, paper industry, rolling mills, paint industries, etc

30% Alumina(IS:6) 40% Alumina (IS:8)
Safe Working Temperature 1400?C 1450?C
Bulk Density 2 gms/cc  2 gms/cc
Cold Crushing Strength; 200 kg/cm2 250 kg/cm2
Appartment Porosity 30% max. 30% max.
P.C.E (Orton Cone) 30 32
RUL 1300 ta0 C min. 1400 ta0 C min.
LC at 1350?C for 5 hrs.; 1% 1%
Size Tolerance +/- 2 % +/- 2%
Alumina as Al2O3 30% min. 40% min.
Iron as Fe 2.5 % max. 2.5 % max.
Silica as SiO2 65% max. 57% max.
Alkalis Trace Trace

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