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Ceramic Fibre Blankets

We supply ceramic fibre blankets of world renowned brands. Ceramic fibre blankets are lightweight and thermally efficient, resulting in a material that possesses the advantages of low heat storage and complete resistance to thermal shock. Used in a variety of heat processing applications, the ceramic fiber blanket is produced from high strength spun ceramic fibers and is needled to provide exceptional handling strength. Following are the properties:

Properties  High Temp  Regular Temp.  Low Temp. 
Maximum use temperature, ºC  1400  1260  980 
Dimensions,mm  Width:610,1220, Length: 7620 
Density,kg/m3[lbs/ft3] 64,96 and 128 [4,6 and 8]  
Thickness,mm   13,19,25,38 and 50   25 and 50  
Thermal Conductivity 128 kg/m3 at mean temp.of 550ºC,W/mºK [BTU- in/hrft2ºF]  0.11 [0.76] 
Application  Crude oil, reformer and pyrolysis heater linings,
high temperature pipe, duct and turbine insulation,
tube seals, gaskets and expansion joints, heat
treating and annealing furnaces, reheating
furnaces, soaking pit covers and seals, furnace hot
face repairs, kilns and kiln car insulation and seals.
Stress relieving insulation, ovens and stack linings.
Boiler and air preheater insulation. Fire protection

Ceramic Fibre Boards / Shapes

Ceramic fibre boards are produced by wet forming process of ceramic fiber and binders. These ceramic fiber boards are featured with high temperature stability, low thermal conductivity, consistent density, and excellent resistance against thermal shock and chemical attack. Ceramic fiber board also resists oxidation and reduction. Ceramic fiber boards are available in a variety of temperature ratings, densities, thicknesses, widths and lengths, and custom vacuum formed shapes. Following are the properties:

Properties  High Temp  Regular Temp.  Low Temp. 
Maximum use temperature, ºC  1400  1260  1200  1000 
Dimensions,mm  305x610, 457x914, 610x610, 610x914, 914x1219, shapes on request 
Density,kg/m3[lbs/ft3]  288~352  416~480  320~384  1000 
  [18~22]  [26~30]  [20~24]  [14~18] 
Thickness,mm   13,19,25,38, 50,63 and 75  
Thermal Conductivity for 128 kg/m3s at mean temp.of 550ºC,W/mºK
0.1 [ 0.75 ] 
Combustion chambers of boilers and heaters, hot face lining for furnaces and kilns, backup insulation for monolithic and brick linings. Ladle covers, Aluminum trough liners and special shapes, trough covers. Expansion joints, hot gas duct liners, riser sleeves, crucibles, launders, tap-out cones, sight holes etc. 

Bulk Ceramic Fibre

• Excellent Thermal stability : resist devitrification at high Temperature
• Low thermal conductivity
• Excellent thermal shock resistance
• Excellent chemical stability
• High resiliency
• Good sound absorption
• Low heat storage capacity

Properties  High Temp  Regular Temp.  Low Temp. 
Maximum use temperature, ºC  1400  1260  980 
Dimensions,mm  Width:610,1220 & Length: 7620 
Density,kg/m3[lbs/ft3]  80 ~ 100[5 ~ 6.3]t  
Thermal Conductivity for 128 kg/m3 at
mean temp.of 550ºC,W/mºK [BTU-
0.12 [0.83]
Application  Expansion joints, packing and filling, secondary processing 

Ceramic Fibre Modules

• Faster insulation
• Reduced shrinkage compared to layered lining
• Low heat storage
• Superior to thermal stability and shock resistance
• The resilient blanket is resistant to mechanical damage
• It is versatile and the modules can easily be cut, on the site to suit awkward confiurations
• Good sound absorption

Properties  Anchored  Vennered 
Maximum use temperature, ºC   High Temp:1425
Regular Temp:1300 
Dimensions,mm  300x300 and 300x600  300x300 
Density,kg/m3[lbs/ft3]  128 ~ 160[8 ~ 10]  96 ~ 128 [6 ~ 8] 
Thickness,mm  100,150,200 and 250  50,75,100 and 150 
Thermal Conductivity for 128 kg/m3 at
mean temp.of 550ºC,W/mºK[BTU-
0.12 [0.84] 
Application  High temperature lining for heaters, furnaces, reformers, kilns and soaking pit seals.  Hot face veneering over existing structurally sound brick or monolithic refractory lining in furnaces, heaters, kilns etc. 

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